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The P Spot®: A Cut Above The Rest!
The P Spot® holds the distinction of being the first exotic fitness studio in DC!
We offer a wide range of classes that stimulate everything from your mind to your body. Unlike most of our competitors, The P Spot® is managed and delivered by experienced fitness professionals that have a vested interest in unleashing your strength and sexy, simultaneously. Our instruction gives women the opportunity to fulfill their fun, fantasy and fitness needs in one experience. The P Spot®'s unique approach to fitness is not only budget-friendly, but it's also the key to sustaining long-term weight loss and wellness from the inside-out.

The quality of our service speaks for itself. Give us just 10 minutes, and we'll prove to you why we should be your first and only choice for women's health services in DC. We guarantee to shake you up and touch places, long forgotten.
So what do you have to lose...except a few pounds and some bad habits? Join the "Bring It Up Sexy!®" movement today.

Our Mission: Creating Wellness From The Inside-Out

Our mission is to provide women with the greatest gift of all – wellness from the
inside-out. Pursuant to that goal, we pride ourself on innovating and delivering
unique brands of fitness education, that focus on making the pursuit of good health
a fun, attainable and enduring experience.

Guided by the “bring it up sexy!®” motto, we teach women how to approach fitness
(and life) with poise, strength and confidence. No matter the age, weight, background
or fitness level, we are committed to helping women of all types look good and feel even better!

Our Motto: "Bring It Up Sexy®"
The "Bring It Up Sexy®" movement is based on the idea that you must fight to pursue your health and happiness goals no matter what forces threaten to deter your success. These obstacles include people, situations, fatigue and in many cases our own insecurities.

"The phrase originated during one of our classes in 2006, when a student stumbled while trying to get through an exotic fitness workout. After knowing she was ok, we all chuckled and I told her, 'don't worry, girl, just bring it up sexy and act like it was a part of the show!'" ~Michaela Brown