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Nutrition Programs
Nutrition Week takes place during the first week of January, April, July and October. The week kicks off with a 7-day raw fruit and vegetable cleanse, that is designed to purify the body and accelerate weight loss. Next, we offer an online nutrition seminar that tackles various dietary topics, such as what's in our food, how to eat more and weight less and getting our loved ones on board, and etc. Nutrition week ends with an interactive grocery shopping trip, where students get to touch, feel, smell and shop the foods discussed in the seminar.
Garden Cleanse Price: $10
(lifetime membership)
Nutrition Week Bundle: $135 $115
(includes all 3 programs)

Next Cleanse:
January 6-13, 2013
Garden Cleanse
Location: Access this program over the phone by Conference Call

Michaela's garden cleanse is a great way to boost weight loss and detoxification. This cleanse is 100% natural and it's designed to flush your system of weight, toxins and chemicals. Weight loss is just the beginning; Michaela's garden cleanse promotes stress relief, better sleep, clearer skin and increased energy.

The fast starts with an informational conference call, where you'll receive all the meal planning guidelines for the week. Throughout the week, you'll also receive follow up services like recipes, email and phone support (if you need them) to help get you through the program. So if you want to feel lighter, stronger, cleaner and simply better, then join us for this enlivening experience!
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Nutrition Seminar Price: $100

Nutrition Week Bundle: $135 $115
(includes all 3 programs)

Next Seminar
Sunday, January 13th at 9:00am
Nutrition Seminar
Location: Access this program online via Skype or over the phone by Conference Call

If we told you that we could show you a way to maintain a healthy diet for only about $15 a day, that not only induced healthy (and consistent) weight loss but also flattered your taste buds, would you believe us?

Well it’s true! Join us for the Eat Like A Queen seminar, where you'll learn how to eat, fabulous like a queen, without breaking the bank. This interactive workshop covers topics like: how eating healthy accelerates weight loss; preserving taste and satisfaction in nutrient-dense meals, how to get your family on board, and so much more.

So what do you have to lose?...except a few pounds, some bad habits and a few trips to the doctor. The fact is that the road to health and happiness starts with the food you eat. So jump-start your wellness today!
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Shopping Workshop Price: $25

Nutrition Week Bundle: $135 $115
(includes all 3 programs)

Next Cleanse
Sunday, January 13th at 1:00pm

Grocery Shopping Workshop
Location: a local organic market in downtown Washington, DC

This trip to the grocery store is an interactive supplement to the nutrition seminar, where participants get to put what they've learned into action. Here, students get to feel, touch, smell and see the foods that will fill your new health-conscious refrigerators and pantries. You'll even get an opportunity to shop.

Not only will this experience leave you motivated, empowered and excited about eating "clean," but it'll also leave you a few pounds lighter!
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